Childhood Obesity & Alarming Condition In United States

Childhood is the golden time of the age, the constructive age, in which a lot of efforts and care has been required. For getting the ideal, healthy and active lifestyles in the future. you must have to give the healthy & reliable childhood, which may accomplish his needs and requires.
For polishing the future of your children by giving them the healthy childhood. You need to pay heed, so they will be thankful for having the bright future. You know well in this age of competition. Your child must be active, alert and fresh all the time. So, obesity is the harmful fact as well as the threat for them from the health point of view as well. The children who are suffering in the obesity are in the zone of getting the chronic diseases. So, this will shift to their adulthood as well. The main thing is that the children who are obese, having the low level of confidence, poor health and don’t feel easy in doing their outdoor activities. So, we can say that obesity slows down the moral of the children in his daily life, by losing his self-esteem.
When your child feels other peers are doing the work, which seems impossible for him to do, automatically he will lose his confidence & self-esteem. You know well as parents & teachers, that self-esteem and the confidence are the two main building blocks for having the bright future of the children.
Mostly, we see, in this age, many children or suffering in obesity, which is spoiling their lifestyle. By seeing a child, how can you judge that he is obese? The simple way of knowing it is that check the Body Mass Index (BMI). The BMI should be at the same level or higher than his colleagues, and then he will be obese. The formula of BMI is calculating your weight and height.

The Likely Reasons behind Childhood Obesity

There are three main causes can be of childhood obesity such as:
  • Lifestyle
  • Psychological factors.
  • Family background.
 All these factors play their vital role in getting obesity. If the child’s parents or overweight and other family members are also overweight, then, therefore, generation will also be the victim of obesity. But the main reason for obesity is an unhealthy lifestyle, which is spoiling the children. If the child is eating much and consuming less, then he will be the sure victim of obesity. Give your child the balanced combination of eating less & exercise much. The children who are psycho also have the obese problems. Because they remain in stress, which leads them to eat more to crush the negative feelings. But they don’t know that they are leading themselves towards obesity.

The role of Balanced Diet

The research of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) reports that in the United States, 32 percent of adolescent girls and 52 percent of adolescent boys drink 24 ounces of soda per day. For the proper nourishment of the children, the combination of the balanced diet matters a lot. A poor diet is when it contains the abundance of fat & sugar with some nutrients. The diet which is the lack of nutrients guides your child towards obesity. The second main role is played by the fast foods, soft drinks, chocolates, and candies. Freeze dinners, fries, canned food also can cause the reason of gaining weight. Parent’s negligence matters a lot because they personally don’t know how to plan the balanced diet.

Diseases Connected with Childhood Obesity

The most serious and alarming risks are Diabetes, heart disease, and asthma.


This disease can be prevented by adopting the healthy lifestyles. Diabetes can cause of the eye diseases, kidney problem and nerve damage. Because the type 2 diabetes prevents the metabolizing of glucose. Children, who are having weight, are easily suffered in diabetes.

Heart Disease:

The meal which has a high level of cholesterol and fats can cause the disease of high blood pressure & heart disease.


Obesity &Asthma at the same time in the same person is the much alarming situation. This is the chronic disease, which becomes severe by the combination of obesity.

Sleep Disorders:

Obese people are generally suffering in the snoring because the extra fat and the lung area create the hurdles in the flow of air. So, the disorder in the sleeping hours may happen

Joint Pain:

Remain inactive all the time leads you the inactiveness of the joint.
Then the stiffness of the joints happens. You will observe that the joint pain can be overcome by taking the proper exercise, balanced diet & by reducing weight.

The downfall of the Moral:

When the child won’t be able to do his duties and work well and on the time as compared to his peers. Then this will lead your child towards the fall of the moral. He will be the definite victim of diffidence.

Healthy Eating and Nutrition for Obese Children

By bringing the changes in the lifestyle can bring the changes in the obese level. Parents should make such a chart of the healthy diet, which is full of nutrients, can lead them to be fit & healthy. You can make the plan by removing all the sweets, soft drinks, fast foods and fried food. Use milk which has the less quantity of fat, by boiling them and remove the upper layer of the milk. Add more and more water in the dieting plan. Make the low use of the canned food and baked food; try to use the fresh food which is cooked in the home.
  •  Include fresh fruits & vegetables in your diet.
  • Use chicken & fish, because they have lean fat.
  • Use the low-fat dairy products like skim milk, fat plain yogurt, and low-fat cheese.
  • Whole grain like brown rice, grain bread can be added in the dieting plan.
 By adopting such lifestyle and dieting chart, hopefully, your child will start to lose the weight. Even if he doesn’t lose the weight then you must consult with your nutritionist

Some Activities which Can Fight Against Childhood Obesity:

There are several different strategies that can help prevent childhood obesity.

Increase Physical Activity

Increase your child’s level of physical activity to help them shed weight safely. Use the word “activity” instead of “exercise” or “workout” to keep them interested. Playing hopscotch outside, for example, may be more appealing to a 7-year-old than jogging around the block. Consider encouraging your child to try a sport for which they’ve expressed an interest.

Plan Hiking, Picnic or Touring

Try to include the activities in which the many calories can be consumed. Plan hiking program, picnic, swimming or touring once in a week. This will be helpful in changing the mood of your child and enhance his confidence by losing weight.

Skip the indoor Activities & Screen Time

Skip and eliminate the indoor activities of your child by limiting the timing of the computer games or on a tab.
The studies of the Harvard School of Public Health shows that the screen time has the double negative influence. First, it eats much time of your child and the second one; he is absolute will be convinced towards obesity.

Outdoor Activities & Physical Activities:

The research of U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recommends that children should have at least one hour of exercise daily to remain healthy & active all the time. The main reason for child obesity is, after having their meal. They don’t do the physical activities such as dancing, running, playing, jumping & swimming. In this way, a lot of calories can be consumed and a healthy weight can be maintained. Convince your child for having the outdoor activities, take them to the playground and urge them of playing some games. This will be helpful in consuming calories and weight will start to reduce.

Preview for Childhood Obesity

No doubt Childhood obesity is flourishing with the great speed in the United States. But it can be stopped by getting the education and take the steps for stopping it. Help your child instead of ignoring him. Understand his problem and give him healthy plans to do. Give him proper diet and convinced him of having a lot of exercise and outdoor activities. His moral will be high and he will get the high level of confidence, in this way he will win the race of any competition.

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