Malic Acid | How Can You be Benefited by Malic Acid?

Malic acid was extracted from the apple in 1785. The word is derived from the Latin word Malum, means Apple. Malic acid is helpful for the health of the human being in many ways.
  1. It is used in the anti-aging products for controlling the aging signs.
  2. It plays a great role for hydrating the skin and makes it shiny.
  3. It is helpful in health issues such as fibromyalgia.
It is also used and the common ingredient in skin & hair products.
  • It is used in the body lotions.
  • The common ingredient in the shampoo.
  •  It is helpful for nail treatment.

Malic Acid For The Skin

It belongs to the fruit acids family-Hydroxy Acids(AHAs). It actuates exfoliation by interpreting the skin cells bond. Consequently, the layer of the dull skin starts to remove and makes the way for the new skin. All the products which have malic acid can give you the following benefits.
 malic acid
  • Skin will be hydrated.
  •  Rejuvenates the skin and removes the dead skin cells.
  •  It makes the skin smooth and provides even tone.
  •  It prevents and reduces the wrinkles.
Naturally, our body has the quality of producing the malic acid. This is produced when the carbohydrates start to convert to energy. In the absence of malic acid, the movement will be difficult. It is not a new thing that malic acid provides many health benefits for the human being in many ways. While purchasing any product for your skin, then have a sharp eye on its ingredients if malic acid is contained.

Qualities Of Rejuvenation & Cleansing

Skin is the sensitive organ which is always open to the sun, so it gains many harmful effects. All the products which contain malic acid, bright the skin and provides the smooth and even texture. This common ingredient is found in every anti-aging product. In the review of the study, shows that the stress spoils the skin condition such as eczema, acne, and the signs of premature. For preventing and avoiding the effects of the depression & stress. The external application of the malic acid is helpful & beneficial.

Necessary Hydration & PH

The study of 2014 shows that aloe vera is used with Malic acid & glucose for the better hydration effects. Another study of National Institute of Health (NIH), shows that the ointment of the malic acid & petroleum jelly is beneficial for healing and scales the old wounds. Malic acid id proved the humectants because of it retentions the water in the skin. It is helpful for hydrating the skin and keeps it moistures.

The Best PH Level For The Skin

A healthy pH level for the skin is 4.5-5.5. malic acid is also used in the cosmetics which aims to balance the pH level in the skin. A healthy pH level for skin should be slightly acidic. Aim to keep your skin’s pH level around 4.5 to 5.5. In the view of the maker Bartek, shows that the cosmetics which has the malic acid are more beneficial than the other fruits of AHAs family such as lactic acid and citric, in the cosmetics. It has the buffering capacity, it doesn’t disturb the skin’s acid-base balance and pH. The imbalance of the pH results into dryness of the skin, emergence of the scars and acne on the skin

Cure Of Anti-Aging & Blemishes

For getting the charming and glowing skin, AHAs increases high skin cell changes in the skin cells. It means that the cell of the skin rejuvenates quickly.
It can provide you the following benefits such as:
  • It minimizes the fine lines & wrinkles from the skin
  •  Even tone and texture of the skin will be provided.
  •  It minimizes the blemishes and the dark spots of acne.


In the reference of the saying dermatologist Dr. Annie Chiu, director of the Derm Institute in California, by absorbing in the skin, malic acid brings the collagen- the natural protein in the skin. The natural protein which is found in our skin is helpful for making & repairing the skin cells. It is supportive for the skin as well as for the other body tissues. It enhances the flexibility and strength and prevents the skin from sagging. As you grow aged the level of collagen also goes down, due to which the skin starts to lose its elasticity.

So, you start to grow older and the firming of the skin also loses. It means the absence of the collagen makes your look aged and the signs of premature start to emerge on your skin. The products which include malic acid can enhance the level of collagen in the skin and prevents the emergence of the premature signs on the skin. You can check the beauty blog ‘Hello Glow’ for three DIY (do it yourself) in which you can find the apple-based masks to rejuvenate your face, hair, and skin.

Barrier For Acne

Malic acid is helpful for you, either it is included in lotion, light peeling agent or cleanser. Malic acid can remove the dead skin cells and helps the new cells to come on the skin. When the skin cells are blocked with the dead skin cells, then the natural oil of the skin turns into blackheads as well as the bacterial infection can be caused. Malic acid breaks the glue which holds the dead cells together on the outer layer of the skin. In the absence of the dead skin cells the skin starts to glow, discoloring swept away and the pores start to open again. It is also helpful for the reducing the acne.

Beneficial For Curing Fibromyalgia

The complicated disorder is Fibromyalgia, which causes fatigue and pain in the muscles. The research shows that the patient of this disease produces the low level of malic acid. Some studies also show that the combination of malic acid and magnesium releases the fatigue and muscles pain. The study shows that the people who start to take the proper dose of malic acid and magnesium show the improvement within the limited time of 48 hours. After the full treatment of the 8 weeks, the participants lost the pain. But when they were given the dose of placebo, the muscles pain again starts within 48 hours. You should use fruit & vegetables which have the abundance of the malic acid. Don’t use the malic acid supplements until you get the recommendation from your doctor.

Important Pre- Caution

For the healthy life, cautions are necessary. We know that malic acid is not disturbing or harming for the skin, still, it should be used with cautions. Malic acid can make your skin red, burn and itchy, especially around your eyes because it is the sensitive area of the face skin. Before using any product please take a patch test of the product. Put the small amount of the product on your wrist or behind the ear and left it for the 24 hours. If the skin starts to burns or you feel itchy, then remove the product and don’t use it for your skin. If you don’t feel anything irritating then you can use it. Don’t inhale malic acid it can be proved dangerous for you.

Final Words

Malic acid is fruitful for the skin as well as for the healthy figure by releasing the muscles pain and by providing the relaxation. But it is recommended to you please use it with the recommendation of the doctor.

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